Comparison of characteristics of ordinary gantry milling machine and CNC gantry milling machine

1. Safety, there are potential safety hazards during use

Ordinary gantry milling machine has no protection device, just a light machine. We all know that gantry milling machines have servo systems, spindles, and lead screws. If the protective cover is not used, the service life will be greatly shortened, which will affect the subsequent processing accuracy and quality. Moreover, the workpieces produced by the gantry milling machine are generally large workpieces. A little careless cutting operation will cause iron filings to splash out, which greatly increases the risk of production and processing. The threat to operators is high, especially employees who have not undergone rigorous safety education training or employees with weak safety awareness. Safety accidents caused by ordinary gantry milling machines and ordinary lathes still exist every year. We must learn lessons and try to introduce modern equipment such as CNC gantry milling machines to eliminate potential safety hazards!
2. Processing efficiency, it has become a fact that the efficiency of CNC gantry milling machine is higher than that of ordinary gantry milling machine

Although the ordinary gantry milling machine can complete the task of processing the workpiece, its production efficiency is definitely not as fast as the CNC gantry milling machine. The reason is that the CNC gantry milling machine belongs to automation equipment. It has a "computer brain" CNC system and a servo drive system. After inputting programming instructions, it can automatically complete the machining operation of the workpiece. The error rate is also low. As long as there are no problems with the programming instructions, the workpiece is fine. On the contrary, all machining operations of ordinary gantry milling machines require manual intervention, which does not meet the production needs of modern industrial machinery. In this social system that wins by efficiency, the processing efficiency of ordinary gantry milling machines is far behind. This will directly affect the production schedule of the enterprise, resulting in failure to deliver on time and increasing processing costs, so this is the reason why we do not recommend using ordinary gantry milling machines.

CNC gantry milling machine

The third is versatility, the application range of ordinary gantry milling machines is relatively narrow

At present, China's developing industries have begun to develop in the direction of "high, precise and advanced", such as aerospace, automobile manufacturing, machinery and equipment manufacturing, industrial accessories, ships, weapons manufacturing, etc., so it is bound to put forward higher requirements for processing equipment. Require. Compared with the CNC gantry milling machine, the ordinary gantry milling machine is difficult to guarantee the accuracy, and the applicable processing range is limited. It has become a reality for China to take the road of independent high-precision.

Fourth, the future trend, CNC gantry milling machine to replace ordinary gantry milling machine is only a matter of time

At present, major production enterprises are slowly upgrading their machine tools and equipment. Ordinary gantry milling machines will inevitably be gradually eliminated because various parameters and indicators cannot adapt to the mainstream trend of modernization, and more and more enterprises choose CNC gantry milling machines. As processing equipment, this is an inevitable trend in line with the development of the times.

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