Tool selection method

Since CNC lathe processing is a high-precision work, and its processing procedures are concentrated and the number of parts clamping is small, it puts forward higher requirements for the CNC tools used, which will be introduced to you below.
When selecting tools for CNC machine tools, the following aspects should be considered:
① The type, specification and precision grade of CNC tools should be able to meet the processing requirements of CNC lathes.
②High precision. In order to meet the requirements of high precision and automatic tool change of CNC lathe processing, the tool must have high precision.
③High reliability. To ensure that accidental tool damage and potential defects do not occur in CNC machining and affect the smooth progress of machining, it is required that the tool and the accessories combined with it must have good reliability and strong adaptability. Precision metal processing
④ high durability. The tools processed by CNC lathes, whether in roughing or finishing, should have higher durability than those used in ordinary machine tools, so as to minimize the number of replacement or grinding tools and tool setting, thereby improving the processing of CNC machine tools. Efficiency and guaranteed processing quality.
⑤ Good chip breaking and chip evacuation performance. In CNC lathe processing, chip breaking and chip removal can not be handled manually like ordinary machine tools. The chips are easy to wrap around the tool and the workpiece, which will damage the tool and scratch the machined surface of the workpiece, and even cause injuries and equipment accidents. , affecting the processing quality and the safe operation of the machine tool, so the tool is required to have good chip breaking and chip removal performance.

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