The difference between the engraving machine models

Or let us first clarify the difference between the three models:
1. -- CNC milling and machining centers are used to complete workpieces with larger milling volumes
2. -- CNC engraving machines are used to complete smaller milling volumes, or Soft metal processing equipment
3. --The high-speed cutting machine is used to complete the medium milling amount and reduce the grinding amount after milling to the lowest processing equipment. In
-depth analysis of the structure of the above equipment can help us make the right choice
1.-- From the mechanical point of view
, the machinery of the machine tool is divided into two parts, the moving part and the non-moving part: the worktable, the slide plate, the cross flower table, etc. are the moving parts, the bed base, the column, etc. are the non-moving parts
1. -- CNC milling center:
non -moving part The rigidity requirements of the moving parts are very good. The rigidity requirements of the moving parts are very good.
Advantages: Heavy cutting can be performed; Disadvantages: Because the moving parts are also huge, the flexibility of the machine tool is sacrificed, and it is powerless for small parts and rapid feed.
2. -- The rigidity of the non-moving part of the CNC engraving machine
is required to be good. The rigidity of the moving part should be flexible as the premise, and it should be as light as possible, while maintaining a certain rigidity.
Advantages: It can carry out relatively small processing, and the processing accuracy is high. High-speed machining is possible for soft metals; disadvantage: heavy cutting is impossible due to poor rigidity.
3. The rigidity of the non-moving part of the high-speed cutting machine tool
is very good, and the rigidity of the moving part is better, and it is as light as possible.
Advantages: It can carry out small and medium-sized cutting (for example, a flat-bottomed knife of φ10, for 45# steel (300), the deep cutting depth is 0.75); Improper use will immediately lead to the accumulation of waste in the tool.
How to achieve the requirements of lightness, rigidity and contradictory requirements mechanically, the key lies in the work of the mechanical structure.
1. The bed body adopts a mesh structure with high and low ribs, and some directly use a honeycomb-connected inner hexagonal mesh structure
2. -- Ultra-wide columns and beams, we all know that the gantry-type structure has been used as the preferred structure by high-speed cutting equipment manufacturers because of its excellent symmetry and excellent rigidity.
3.--For the moving part, the significant difference from CNC milling is that the distance between the guide rail and the guide rail is widened to overcome the problem of bad torque.
4.--In terms of materials, Meehan cast iron is generally used, that is, inoculated cast iron. When pouring molten iron, a certain proportion of silicon (Si) is added to change the internal structure of the iron, making it more resistant to stamping and rigidity. Significantly increased.
5. The rigidity of the machine tool is mainly used to overcome the strong impact of the moving part on the non-moving part when it moves at high speed, so the guide rail and screw should be thicker, and the rigidity of the connecting part should be strengthened.

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